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Bachelor of Arts (BA) Program in Social Work

The BA curriculum focuses on developing students’ awareness and knowledge of the social work profession, its skills, and ethical values and principles, relating that to religious heritage and rich diversity prevalent in Oman and the Arabian Gulf countries. Social work students will come to understand the influence of cultural heritage and religious/spiritual beliefs on the practice and application of their professional behavior. The Program prepares undergraduate students for entry-level generalist practitioners through the integration of classroom and field internship experience, allowing ambitious students to continue for graduate studies in social work.


To graduate with a BA in Social Work, students must satisfactorily complete 120 credit hours of course work from the courses that are described in the Program of Study with an overall minimum average of 65 percent, and a cumulative average of 70 percent in the major courses.

This component consists of the following nine courses encompassing 27 credit hours:

  • ARAB 101: Academic Writing in Arabic
  • CMPS 100A: Introduction to Technical Computing for the Arts
  • ENGL 101: Basic Academic English I
  • ENGL 102: Basic Academic English II
  • ENGL 203: Advanced Academic English I
  • ENGL 204: Advanced Academic English II
  • MATH 103: Mathematics for Social Sciences I
  • SOCS 102: Oman Society
  • SOCS 200: World Civilizations II

This component consists of the following four courses encompassing 12 credit hours:

  • One three-credit hour course in physical/ natural sciences
  • One three-credit hour course in humanities/social sciences (SOCS 100)
  • Two Courses comprising six credit hours in any other major


This component consists of 26 courses constituting 81 credit hours distributed as in tabs.

This component consists of the following 23 courses constituting 69 credit hours:

  • ENGL 350: Advanced Writing for Humanities
  • MATH 215: Elementary Statistics for the Social Sciences
  • PSYC 150: Introduction to Psychology
  • PSYC 180: Human Development
  • PSYC 215: Social Psychology
  • SOCS 150: Introduction to Sociology
  • PHIL 230: Principles of Professional Ethics
  • SOCS 220: Individuals, Families, and Groups
  • SOCS 375: Communities and Organizations
  • SOWO 200: Introduction to Social Work
  • SOWO 235: Communication and Interviewing skills
  • SOWO 245: Human Behavior and the Social Environment
  • SOWO 255: Social Policy & Services I: An Introduction
  • SOWO 280: Social Work: Practice I: Assessment, Planning, and Intervention
  • SOWO 290: Social Work: Field Internship I
  • SOWO 320: Social Policy & Services II: Delivery Systems in Oman and the Gulf
  • SOWO 330: Social Work Practice II: Family and Children’s Services
  • SOWO 370: Research Methods in Social Work
  • SOWO 410: Social Work: Field Internship II
  • SOWO 440: Social Work: Practice III: Working with Groups
  • SOWO 450: Social Work Administration
  • SOWO 475: Social Work in Islam
  • SOWO 490: Senior Study Project

This component includes four courses encompassing 12 credit hours chosen form the following list:

  • PHIL 120: Introduction to Philosophy
  • PHIL 160: Critical and Creative Thinking
  • ECON 201: Microeconomics
  • ECON 202: Macroeconomics
  • EDUC 120: Learning and Child Development
  • EDUC 355: Behavior Modification
  • EDUC 360: Educational Systems in Oman and the GCC Countries
  • EDUC 370: Learning Difficulties
  • SOCS 310: Culture and Society in the Gulf
  • SOCS 340: Social Problems
  • SOCS 460: Social Change
  • SOWO 300: Populations with Special Needs
  • SOWO 380: Social Justice Settings
  • SOWO 460: Social Work Mental Health Assessment

Click on the following link  to download Study Plan…. 

Click here to download Study Plan for BA in Social Work

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