Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Translation

The degree of BA in Translation is a four-year, 120 credit hours, study program designed to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to translate from English into Arabic and vice versa, and to edit English and Arabic texts. The philosophy underlying the BA in Translation is to integrate essential intercultural and interdisciplinary knowledge, inseparable from language acquisition and the technical understanding of language. This integration will ultimately be oriented towards the practical craft of translation. In this sense, students enrolled in the BA in Translation Program will have the unique advantage of a holistic and inclusive understanding of language in addition to linguistic-technical skills. The partnership between the practical, the cultural, and the theoretical-intellectual elements makes the BA in Translation a valuable and rewarding degree.


Theoretical Knowledge
  • Students will understand the proper approach to translation issues be it socio- and psycholinguistics, pragmatics, semantics, etc.
  • Students will be able to carry out comparative and contrastive analysis between the two languages.
  • Students will be aware of all viable and useful strategies needed to achieve equivalence at different levels between English and Arabic.


Practical Translation
  • Students will be able to translate/interpret different text types.
  • Students will identify the special linguistic and stylistic characteristics of each text type.
  • Students will identify the tools and techniques of generic and discourse analyses.
  • Students will be aware of effective use of specialized dictionaries and glossaries in various fields to help find closest matches of senses of translation units.
  • Students will be aware of the complexities of cultural differences when rendering and interpreting different text types

Students will improve different language skills in both Arabic and English. They will improve in:

  • Oral communicative skills
  • Reading comprehension skills
  • Writing skills in both languages
  • Research skills

The mission of the B.A. program in Translation in the Dept. of Languages and Translation at Dhofar University is to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to translate/ interpret a variety of written and spoken texts from English to Arabic and vice versa and to integrate essential intercultural and interdisciplinary knowledge inseparable from language acquisition and the technical understanding of language in order to graduate skilful translators for the local, regional, and national market.

To graduate with a BA in Translation, students must satisfactorily complete 120 credit hours of course work from the courses that are described in the Program of Study with an overall minimum average of 65 percent, and a cumulative average of 70 percent in the major courses.

The general education component for a BA in Translation includes the following ten course encompassing 30 credit hours:

  • ARAB 101: Academic Writing in Arabic
  • CMPS 100A: Introduction to Technical Computing for the Arts
  • ENGL 101: Basic Academic English I
  • ENGL 102: Basic Academic English II
  • ENGL 203: Advanced Academic English I
  • ENGL 204: Advanced Academic English II
  • MATH 103: Mathematics for Social Sciences
  • SOCS 100: World Civilizations I
  • SOCS 102: Oman Society
  • SOCS 200: World Civilizations II

The college requirement component for a BA in Translation includes the following 4 course encompassing 12 credit hours:

  • One course in physical/ natural sciences electives (3 Cr. hrs.)
  • One course in humanities/social sciences electives (3 Cr. hrs.)
  • Two courses in any other majors (6 Cr. hrs.)


The program requirement component for a BA in Translation includes the following 26 course in tabs encompassing 78 credit hours:

This set consists of the following 16 Courses encompassing 48 Credit hours:

  • ARAB 115: Basic Arabic Syntax and Morphology
  • ARAB 360: Arabic Semantics and Lexicography
  • ENGL 120: Understanding English Grammar
  • ENGL 210: Introduction to Linguistics
  • ENGL 215: The Sounds of English
  • ENGL 335: Discourse Analysis
  • TRAN 150: Introduction to Translation
  • TRAN 220: Translation Theory
  • TRAN 250: Contrastive Analysis
  • TRAN 260: Translation Techniques
  • TRAN 300: Translating Business Texts
  • TRAN 310: Translating Journalistic Texts
  • TRAN 355: Contrastive Grammar and Syntax
  • TRAN 360: Translating Scientific Texts
  • TRAN 420: Translating Legal Documents
  • TRAN 480: External Practicum

This set includes ten course encompassing 30 credit hours distributed as follows:

Five Translation Electives courses encompassing 15 credit hours chosen from the following list

  • TRAN 225: Introduction to Interpreting
  • TRAN 330: Comparative Literature
  • TRAN 365: English Literature in Arabic Translations
  • TRAN 410: Arabic Literature in English Translations
  • TRAN 425: Contrastive Rhetoric and Stylistics
  • TRAN 435: Lexicography and Terminology
  • TRAN 465: Critical Analysis of Translation Texts
  • TRAN 470 Machine Translation


Two Arabic Language Electives courses encompassing 6 credit hours chosen from the following list:

  • ARAB 180: Advanced Arabic Syntax
  • ARAB 200: Survey of Arabic Literature
  • ARAB 220: Arabic Sociolinguistics
  • ARAB 300: Modern Arabic Poetry
  • ARAB 370: Modern Arabic Novel
  • ARAB 430: Special Topics in Arabic Linguistics
  • ARAB 470: Special Topics in Arabic Literature


Three English Language Elective courses encompassing 9 credit hours selected from the following list:

  • ENGL 240: Introduction to Language
  • ENGL 285: Writing Workshop
  • ENGL 310: Meaning in Language
  • ENGL 320: Introduction to Creative Writing
  • ENGL 350: Advanced Writing for Humanities
  • ENGL 355: Language in Society
  • ENGL 360: Advanced Writing for Professional Fields
  • ENGL 365: Advanced Creative Writing
  • ENGL 440: Advanced Academic Writing
  • ENGL 460: Politics of Language
  • ENGL 470: History of the English Language

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