We warmly welcome you to the Department of English Language and Literature (ELL). Our department is a part of the College of Arts and Applied Sciences (CAAS), which offers three undergraduate programs and one graduate program of study in two major streams of English Language, and Translation. The three programs of study are: Diploma in English Language, Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English Language, Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Translation, and Master of Arts (MA) in English with three concentration tracks of Linguistics, Literature, and Translation.

Within the core philosophy of liberal art education, all the programs of study offered at ELL are knowledge-rich, skills-rich, and practice-rich and are compatible with students’ present study-related requirements as well as their future needs. Furthermore, the courses in each program are designed and delivered by a forceful team of highly qualified, dedicated, and committed teachers. Our department also provides students with a platform to participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities through active membership in : read-n-chat group, interactive speaking group, debating group, and study skills support group.

We cordially invite you to join our department to learn, excel, grow, and contribute through your chosen field of study in a conducive and stimulating atmosphere and become an agent of change. We wish you all the best and a successful academic journey at ELL.

Dr. Julius Irudayasamy

Chair of English Language and Literature Department

Assistant Dean: Ahmed Abdul Rahman Salim Balkhair

Department Chairperson: Juluis Irudayasamy

Associate Professors: Abdelrahman Abdalla Salih, Marielle Risse, Abdulwahid Alzamour, Yasser Sabtan, Amer Ahmed, Iryna Lenchuk

Assistant Professors: Ali ALgryani, Awad Alhassan, Lamis Ismail Omar, M. Ikbal Ahmad M. Alosman, Murad Sawalmeh, Osman Erdem yapar, Sani Uba, Souhair Hassan Koubar, Syerina Syahrin, Thomas Baby Kappalumakkel

Lecturers: Mr. Muhammad Amir Saeed, Mr. Ehsan Elahi

Instructor: Mr.Qaseim Said Suhail AL Maashani

Secretary: Ms. Mediha Younis

The Department of English Language and Literature is committed to provide a conducive learning environment for effective oral, written and conversational skills and also effective study, research and critical thinking skills in the fields of English Language and Literature that are necessary for some self-sufficient, self-reliant individuals to grow and develop in a competitive world, to survive and flourish in the local and global job market, and to serve the Omani Society.

The objectives of the Department of English Language and Literature are: :

  • Help the students develop a high level of linguistic competence in English and Arabic through combining theoretical knowledge and extensive practice;
  • Prepare students for careers that need the use of English language such as teaching, editing, writing, publishing, and public relations, or for pursuing their education in the English language beyond the undergraduate level;
  • Prepare students for careers in translation from Arabic into English and from English into Arabic, interpretation, teaching, editing, writing, publishing, and public relations, or for pursuing their education in translation beyond the undergraduate level;
  • Raise students’ awareness regarding the importance of language structure and familiarizing them with the social, historical, and cultural contexts in which languages are used;
  • Provide students with a solid liberal education, training, and appropriate learning skills;
  • Prepare graduates to become responsible professionals and citizens with high ethical values; and
  • Promote life-long independent learning.

Because of the following plus factors:

  • All the programs are geared towards enabling our young graduates to become efficient communicators in English/Arabic who would seek, with confidence, employment or undertake self-employment in a wide range of job areas such as teaching, translating, interpreting, secretarial practice, marketing, journalism, communication consultancy, translation and interpreting consultancy, etc.
  • Our programs offer a rich and balanced combination of courses in both the streams of language and translation, which provide students with an enhanced perspective of desired knowledge and skills.
  • Our programs are designed in such a way that they provide our graduates with a good scope of micro specialism in the areas of linguistics, literature, and translation which may help set a better direction for their higher studies and further research.
  • Many of our courses, to name some here, such as Situational English, Writing Workshop, Advanced Writing for Professional Fields, Special Topic in Language or Literature, Rhetoric, Discourse Analysis, Business English, Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreting, etc effectively equip the students with their study, job, and career-related requirements.
  • All our core , as well as elective courses, are delivered through theory, practice and presentation. The classroom procedures favor student interaction with an increased emphasis on pair or group work for problem - solving, information/opinion exchange, critical thinking, and so on.
  • Translation courses like Simultaneous Interpreting provide graduates with on-the-job training through external practicum.
  • The process of evaluation in our department is not limited to just testing of students through various tests and exams but is taken at a much broader level of evaluating the objectives, content, methods, and results so that the curriculum development and its planning become more effective as a continuous process in order to provide our students with cutting-edge professional knowledge and skills.

Degrees Offer

The English Language and Literature Department offers 3 following programs:
  1. Diploma in English Language
  2. BA in English Language
  3. BA in Translation
Coming soon....

We offer degrees in:

  • Diploma in English Language
  • BA in English Language
  • BA in Translation

To graduate with a Diploma in English Language, students must satisfactorily complete 60 credit hours of course work from the courses that are described in the Program of Study with an overall minimum average of 65%. To graduate with a BA in English Language, students must satisfactorily complete 120 credit hours of course work from the courses that are described in the Program of Study with an overall minimum average of 65%, and a cumulative average of 70% in the major courses.

The graduates of English language program will have many career choices spanning a wide range of fields. Most notable are: government sector, banking sector, corporate sector, tourism and hospitality sector, media sector, education sector, etc. Graduates will have employment opportunities in working as a school teacher, receptionist, secretary, clerk, salesperson, sub-editor, proofreader, tourist guide, teaching assistant, etc. Innovative fields include establishing a private enterprise like tutorial center, consultancy services, human resource center for the service industry, etc.