Welcome to the webpage of the Department of Social Sciences at Dhofar University. The department is a vibrant, dynamic and innovated department and one of the largest departments of the College of Arts and Applied Sciences. It is currently offers one program of Social Work and seeks to expand its undergraduate and graduate program offering in the near future. The Department’s academic program offers students a stimulating and rich learning environment and provide them with ample opportunities for professional growth and development. The Department prides itself for being a strong service program to the Dhofar University with more than nine courses offered for other university programs.

Faculty of the Department come from diverse academic backgrounds and have complementary research expertise. The department faculty are involved in a number of research projects independently, in collaboration with faculty members from other departments, and as part of international research networks and partnerships. Owing to its faculty, the Department continues to be widely recognition and successful in terms of its research engagement and community outreach.

Dr. Mohammed Mohammed Foda
Chair of Social Sciences Department

Unit Chairperson:
Mohamed Foda

Assistant Professors:
Mohamed Mohamed Foda,Ali Suhail Mohammed Tabook,Salithamby Abdul Rauff, Mohamed Kandil, Huda Abdalhamed Al Hajjaj

Hussain Ahmed Alawi (Al Dheeb) Ba Omar

Secretary :
Eiman Mohammed Koofan

The mission of the Social Sciences Department is to provide knowledge of the historical, social and cultural context for understanding contemporary social and psychological phenomena. The mission of social work program is to advance knowledge of social work theories and effective practices and its aim is to educate students on how to practice social work sensitively and competently with diverse, multicultural, rural/urban populations of Oman and the Arabian Gulf.

The objectives of the department are to:

  • Provide students with solid liberal arts education, training in social work and appropriate learning and critical thinking skills and values.
  • Provide students with the skills, knowledge and ethical values that will prepare them to work competently in a range of social work settings and with a diversity of population segments that need professional social and welfare services such as children and families, the mentally or physically challenged, students with special needs at schools and institutions of higher learning, the chronically sick and elderly, criminals and other relevant environments;
  • Prepare students to practice and serve the social work needs of their society and advocate on behalf of those who are socially disadvantaged or at risk of social discrimination or exploitation both at local and national levels;
  • Prepare students for graduate studies in social work or its practice in any other related field;
  • Promote life-long independent learning.

Graduates from the Social Work Program have a number of employment opportunities in various private and public sector fields. From providing counselling supports in health settings and social agencies, to offering their skills and abilities through diverse roles in school settings, opportunities for the Social Work Degree program graduates continues to expand with the growing economic and social sector. There is also tremendous potential for graduates in the Social Work program to be employed in the oil and gas sector, as there is a demand for employee and human resource supports.

Social Work graduates are highly sought after in the current employment market in both the private and public sector. Currently, the Social Work Program has established internship opportunities with many social agencies, health service industry. The internship program in the Social Work Program offers potential recruiters to employ social work graduates. Sultan Qaboos Hospital, Ministry of Social Affairs, Al Wafa Centers, Autism Center and Court. opportunities.

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