DU formally commenced its operations in September 2004 on the premises of the National College for Science and Technology which was officially incorporated into Dhofar University. Students enrolled at that college were following the Yarmouk University curriculum and programs in Jordan. These students were allowed to continue their studies under the umbrella of Dhofar University; their Arts and Sciences program of study became known as the Yarmouk University Program and phased out in 2007.

Since its inception, Dhofar University received academic and administrative support from the American University of Beirut which benchmarked its academic programs until the year 2010 to ensure quality standards and help DU build its own administrative human resources. Since Dhofar University and its Arts and Applied Science College is modeled the American educational system. The university and specifically college are mandated to offer the 2-year diploma, 4-years Bachelor and Masters Degrees.


The College of Arts and Applied Sciences (CAAS) is composed of six departments

  • The Department of Arabic Language & Literature
  • The Department of Computer Science
  • The Department of Education
  • The Department of English Language and Literature
  • The Department of Mathematics and Sciences
  • The Department of Social Sciences