The Department of Mathematics and Sciences is part of the College of Arts and Applied Sciences. It is entrusted with the responsibility to conduct a variety of courses in basic sciences required by the diverse graduation requirements of all the three colleges of the University (College of Arts and Applied Sciences, College of Commerce and Business Administration, and the College of Engineering). The Department of Mathematics and Sciences offers courses in biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics and statistics meeting the program requirements of all the three colleges. At the same time Department offers programs in basic sciences including the Diploma in Mathematics, BS in Mathematics, Diploma in Chemistry and BS in Chemistry. The Department has well-equipped laboratories designed for sequences of courses in chemistry and physics respectively.

The department has very qualified staff. The department is very active in research, covering areas including: Numerical Analysis, Financial Mathematics, Exponential Integrators, Algebraic Structures, Fuzzy Algebra, Soft Set Theory, Cryptography, Semiconductor Materials, Solid-state Materials, Numerical Modeling, Mathematical Modelling, Statistical Analysis, Statistical Modeling, Optics, Photonics, Mathematical Optics, Resistor Networks, Material Chemistry, Plant Physiology, Reactive Oxygen Species, History of Science and Science Policy (see ResearchGate).

Dr. Inayatur Rehman
Chair of Mathematics and Sciences Department

Department Chairperson:

Inayatur Rehman


Muhammad Asif Gondal, Khedr Abo Hassan

Assistant Professor:

Haider Abbas Rizvi

Associate Professors:

Israr Ul Hassan, Inayatur Rehman, Sameen Ahmed Khan

Assistant Professors:

Sabir Ali Siddiqui, Musallam Ahmed Salim Tabook, Taoufik Ben Jabeur, Dr. Gowhar Ahmed Naikoo, Husam Eldin Sadig Ahmed Sadig


Mr. Mohammed Abdalla Ahmed Tabidi

Lab Technicians:

Yousri Hassan Youssef, Physics Lab Technician,
Ahmed Said Jaboob, Chemistry lab Technician

Secretary I:

Hajer Ali Mohammed Al Shanfari

The mission of the Department of Mathematics and Sciences is to provide the university community with a theoretical and practical experience in mathematics and the sciences. This experience can be applied to other academic disciplines, teaching, or professional fields. The Department works to provide its students with the background and critical thinking skills required for life-long learning in mathematical and scientific areas.

The objectives of the Department of Mathematics and Sciences are to:

  • Meet the interests and career goals of students by offering them flexible programs in mathematics and sciences that would lead to having bachelors of science;
  • Provide undergraduate sciences and engineering majors with a strong theoretical and experimental education in preparation for careers in academia, industry, or graduate studies;
  • Prepare students for graduate study in basic or applied research, in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and related fields;
  • Prepare students for careers that demand the use of mathematics and sciences such as teaching, and careers that require the use of mathematics and sciences;
  • Help students develop as rounded individuals by structuring the program within a liberal arts education framework where students are exposed to different fields of knowledge, including literature, philosophy, education, and the arts;
  • Provide students with solid liberal education, training and appropriate learning skills and values; and
  • Promote life-long independent learning.

Graduates of the programs in Mathematics will be able to:

  • Apply the theory and ideas in sciences and engineering applications;
  • Use the mathematical computer soft-wares in the sciences and engineering;
  • Utilize the statistical techniques in different applications;
  • Apply the advanced mathematics theory and practice, in areas of computing and numerical analysis, abstract algebra, mathematical analysis.

Graduates will have many career choices spanning a wide range of fields. Most notable are: teacher, researcher and statistician. Graduates will have employment opportunities in schools, banks and companies. Innovative fields include education, industry, commerce and many other related industries.

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We offer degrees in:

  • Diploma in Mathematics (2 Years)
  • BS in Mathematics (4 Years)