Future Students

We welcome you to Dhofar University and at CAAS.  Here are 10 different reasons why you should join CAAS.
10 reasons:

  • A truly global community, with a diverse group of faculty from prestigious universities from around the globe
  • Caring, dedicated faculty who are committed to make you succeed.
  • Well rounded course curriculum, which is also flexible offering you a variety of courses to choose from
  • Knowledge and skills that you acquire with this liberal arts education will be transferable to all situations and jobs
  • Hands-on real-life experiences through many practicum opportunities
  • New and innovative programs, which are proactive to the needs of the community
  • State of the art technology used for teaching
  • Rewarding career opportunities for employment in Law, Social Work, Education, Applied Sciences and IT
  • A focus on skills and competencies needed in the 21st century such as creativity, critical thinking, social responsibility and global citizenship
  • A choice of programs in Arabic and English