It is my pleasure to welcome you to our webpage. The Education Department at Dhofar University aspires to prepare dedicated professionals who can make a difference in their community. We are committed to preparing teachers, researchers and professional leaders through a diverse range of knowledge-rich and training-oriented programs in: Bachelor's Programs in Education (Teaching English - Teaching Information Technology - Teaching Mathematics - Teaching Field I, Teaching Field II), Postgraduate programs (Master in General Curricula and Instruction - Master in curricula and Instruction/ Teaching English Language - Master in Educational Administration - Master in Psychological Counseling) and Teaching Diploma. I look forward with great happiness and satisfaction to the continued success of our competent graduates, incessant growth, and our stronger community engagement.

I strongly believe in the power of open discussions between you and us, and I invite all of you to stay in touch with us on a regular basis through our webpage and social media channels.

Dr. Sobhy Ahmed Soliman

Chair of the Department


Sobhy Ahmed Soliman


Prof. Nasser Abdelrasheed

Associate Professors:

Khalid Almashikhi, Abdelkader El Sayed, Sobhy Ahmed Soliman, Mosleh Almajaly

Assistant Professors:

Yousef Al Barami, Moosa Sulaiman, Sumaya Al Barami, Raed Abdelkarim, Said Kashoob, Alaa Ali Aladini, Mahamoud Jalambo, Hesham Abdelmageed, Sabah Alsyed, Sabah Assi


Ashraf Darwish, Fatema Ba-Omar


Jamila Salim Qatan, Muna Ahmed AL Zawamri

The Department of Education is a part of the College of Arts and Applied Sciences, one of the four colleges of Dhofar University, which comprises six academic departments: The Department of Education, Department of English Language and Literature, Department of Social Sciences, Department of Computer Science, Department of Mathematics and Sciences, and Department of Arabic Language and Literature.

The creation of the Department of Education coincides with the establishment of Dhofar University in 2004. The Department of Education strives to achieve excellence in teaching, research, and community service, in an open educational environment conducive to creativity and innovation and the acquisition of cutting-edge professional knowledge, to accelerate the growth and development of education in the Sultanate of Oman in general, and the province of Dhofar in particular.

Programs offered:

The Education Department makes every effort to provide programs of study and research contributions to qualify to be amongst the best in the Sultanate of Oman.

The Education Department provides its students with the knowledge and skills that qualify them to be successful teachers and educational administrators in their fields of specialization. It encourages them to conduct research in their fields, learn independently, and develop themselves as students, teachers and administrators. Moreover, it encourages them to think critically and get involved in their society's activities to participate actively in its development and progress.

The objectives of the Department of Education are:

  • Providing students with quality education and content pedagogy that will prepare them to become productive teachers in schools and responsible professionals and citizens.
  • Preparing caring and reflective teachers who are critical thinkers, problem-solvers, and can easily adapt to the changes in the relevant fields of knowledge.
  • Preparing teachers who respect their cultural heritage, understand the main issues of modern society, and appreciate the role that both play in the lives of students.
  • Providing students with solid liberal education, training and appropriate learning skills and values; and
  • Promoting life-long independent learning.

By the end of their studies, students at the Education Department will be able to:

  • Teach successfully in public and private schools
  • Carry out different activities in their schools.
  • Participate in their society's development and activities.
  • Participate in the administration of their schools and other activities related to the MOE.
  • Think critically in their life and participate in the development of their schools.
  • Carry out research that benefits their schools and society.
  • Be aware of up-to-date pedagogy that qualifies them to be productive teachers.
  • Continue to develop themselves during their life.
  • Prepare them to become good and productive citizens in Oman.

Career opportunities are available for all Education department graduates in the education sector. Our graduates can work immediately after graduate teaching mathematics, science, IT, and English language teachers.