Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) Program

The Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) curriculum includes 30 credit hours of university requirements, 6 credit hours of college requirements, and 84-86 credit hours of major requirements (depending on the choice of major), including language and technical writing courses. Administration and emphasis on Education are important elements that are integrated throughout the curriculum.
It is designed to grant students the Bachelor of Education degree upon the successful completion of the four-year program. The program offers a wide range of courses in the subject matter specialization,psychology of learning, teaching methodology which optimize meaningful learning by students, using information and communication technologies in education and practicum in school settings.

Program Objectives

The objectives of the Education Program are to:

  • provide students with quality education and content pedagogy that will prepare them to become productive teachers in schools and responsible professionals and citizens;
  • prepare caring and reflective teachers who are critical thinkers, problem-solvers, and can easily adapt to the changes in the relevant fields of knowledge;
  • prepare teachers who respect their cultural heritage, understand the main issues of modern society, and appreciate the role that both play in the lives of students;
  • provide students with solid liberal education, training and appropriate learning skills and values; and
  • promote life-long independent learning.

Program Learning Outcomes

By the end of their studies, students at the Education Department will be able to:

  • teach successfully in public and private schools;
  • carry out different activities in their schools;
  • participate in their society’s development and activities;
  • participate in the administration of their schools and other activities
    related to the MOE;
  • think critically in their life and participate in the development of their schools;
  • carry out research that benefits their schools and society;
  • be aware of up-to-date pedagogy that qualifies them to be productive teachers;
  • continue to develop themselves as life-long learners; and
  • prepare them to become responsible and productive citizens in Oman.


The General Admission requirements for a Bachelor of Education Program are as specified in College Section 6-a on page 42.

Program Specific Admission Requirements

The program specific admission requirements for the Bachelor of Education Program are as per the Ministry of Higher Education regulations given below:

  • a minimum average of 75% in the General Education Certificate for all specializations.
  • a minimum grade of 80% in English/Mathematics/Science/IT for those who plan to specialize in teaching any of these subjects.

To graduate with a Bachelor of Education Degree, students must satisfactorily complete 120-122 credit hours, depending on the specialisation, taken over four academic years, with an overall minimum average of 65 percent, and a cumulative average of 70 percent in the major courses. The university, college, and program requirements are as given in the following table.

The University requirements consist of the following ten (10) courses comprising of 30 credit hours:

  • ARAB101: Academic writing in Arabic
  • ENGL101: Basic Academic English
  • ENGL 102 A: English for Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences I
  • ENGL 203 A: English for Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences II
  • ENGL204: Advanced English for academic purposes and research
  • ENGL305: Advanced English language and communication skills
  • ENTR200: Entrepreneurship: Innovation and Creativity
  • CMPS 100A: Introduction to Technical Computing for the Arts or CMPS 100B: Introduction to Technical Computing for the Sciences (teaching Mathematics, Science, and Information Technology).
  • MATH 103: Mathematics for Social Sciences I or MATH 199: Calculus I (for Teaching Mathematics and teaching Science)
  • SOCS102: Omani Society

The College requirement consist of following two (2) courses encomprising 6 credit hours for English, Math, science, and IT.

  • One (1) course in physical/natural sciences electives (3 Cr. hrs.)
  • One (1) course in humanities/social sciences electives (3 Cr. hrs.)
Required Education Courses:

The following set of ten (10) Education courses encompassing 30 credit hours is required in all Specializations:

  • EDUC 120: Learning and Child Development
  • EDUC 150: Introduction to Foundations of Education
  • EDUC 300: Curriculum Development and Analysis
  • EDUC 303: School Visits & Classroom Observation
  • EDUC 320: Instructional Methods and Strategies
  • EDUC 360: Educational Systems in Oman and the GCC Countries
  • EDUC 365: Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in Education
  • EDUC 420: Introduction to Research Methodology in Education
  • EDUC 490: Senior Project
  • PSYC 150: Introduction to Psychology


Elective Education Courses

English Language, Sciences, and Information Technology specializations are required to choose two (2) courses encompassing 6 credit hours, and Math specialization is required to choose one (1), 3 Credit hours course from the list of elective education courses given below.

  • EDUC 200: Introduction to Guidance and Counseling
  • EDUC 205: Introduction to Special Education
  • EDUC 210: Children’s Literature
  • EDUC 250: Education in Islam
  • EDUC 260: Environmental Education
  • EDUC 305: Approaches to Integration in Education
  • EDUC 310: Visual Arts Education
  • EDUC 355: Behavior Modification
  • EDUC 370: Learning Difficulties
  • EDUC 400: Professional Development in Education
  • EDUC 425: Foundations of Health Education
  • EDUC 430: Educational Administration
  • EDUC 460: Senior Seminar: Issues in Education

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