Department Chairperson:
Zied Bouyahia

Assistant Professors:
Biju Sayed, Hedi Haddad, Zied Bouyahia, Nurul Akhmal Binti Mohd Zulkefli

Mukesh Madanan, Nasser Tabook

Muna Suhail Zabanoot

The computer science department aims at providing students with balanced theoretical and practical background in a variety of computer science topics. Through the fulfillment of coursework, practical projects, and community service activities, students are endowed with the necessary skills and experiences to develop successful careers in computer science and information technology. The program also prepares students to pursue higher education and research in computer science by promoting life-long independent learning.

The objectives of the Computer Science programs are to:

  • Promote effective learning by exposing students to balanced theoretical and practical experiences that demand thinking and practice;
  • Provide excellent teaching by adopting advanced knowledge in computing and other information and communication technologies and effective teaching practices;
  • Offer the students opportunities to develop careers in computer science and information technology;
  • Prepare students to assume positions in public and private sectors, computer industry, or educational institutions;
  • Offer the graduates opportunities to pursue higher education in computer science;
  • Provide students with solid liberal education, training and appropriate learning skills and values; and
  • Promote life-long independent learning.

We offer programs in:

  • Diploma in Computer Science (2 Years)
  • Bachelors of Science in Computer Science (4 Years)
  • Master of Science in Information Technology (2 Years)

Department of CS has achieved 2 TRC open grants recently.

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