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Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Science

The BS Computer Science is a four-year, 120-121 Credit Hours program designed to enable its holders to contribute to improving and modernizing the lifestyle and work culture through the computerization and automation of a wide range of processes in the industries and the society. The program content is very much in line with the current standards and guidelines established by the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM).

To graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, students must satisfactorily complete the program of study that is specified below with an overall minimum average of 65 percent, and a cumulative average of 70 percent in all computer science courses.


To graduate with a BS in Computer Science, students must satisfactorily complete 120 credit hours of course work from the courses that are described in the Program of Study with an overall minimum average of 65 percent, and a cumulative average of 70 percent in the major courses.

The BS general education requirements include the following 10 course comprising 30 credit hours:

  • ARAB 101: Academic Writing in Arabic
  • CMPS 100B: Introduction to Technical Computing for the Sciences
  • ENGL 101: Basic Academic English I
  • ENGL 102: Basic Academic English II
  • ENGL 203: Advanced Academic English I
  • ENGL 204: Advanced Academic English II
  • MATH 199: Calculus I
  • SOCS 100: World Civilizations I
  • SOCS 102: Oman Society
  • SOCS 200: World Civilizations II

This set consists of four courses comprising a minimum of 12 credit hours distributed as follows:

  • One course in physical/natural sciences electives
  • One course in social/humanities electives
  • Two courses in any other majors. Suggested courses are ENGL 360 and PHYS 210.


This set consists of 25 courses comprising 78 credit hours distributed as follows:

18 courses encompassing 57 credit hours

  • CMPS 110: Introduction to Programming
  • CMPS 160: Data Structures
  • CMPS 180: Digital System Design
  • CMPS 215: Computer organization with Assembly Language
  • CMPS 240: Analysis of Algorithms
  • CMPS 250: Computer Networks
  • CMPS 260: Operating Systems
  • CMPS 270: Database Systems
  • CMPS 310: Programming Languages
  • CMPS 350: Theory of Computation
  • CMPS 405: Artificial Intelligence
  • CMPS 410: Software Engineering
  • CMPS 425: Computer Graphics
  • CMPS 490: Final Project
  • MATH 200: Calculus II
  • MATH 250: Probability and Statistics
  • MATH 320: Linear Algebra I
  • MATH 370: Discrete Mathematics

Seven courses encompassing 21 credit hours (Three of these courses should be above 300 levels)

  • CMPS 200: Analysis and Design of Information Systems
  • CMPS 205: Introduction to Multimedia Concepts
  • CMPS 210: Digital Image and Video Processing
  • CMPS 225: Introduction to Data Communications
  • CMPS 230: Introduction to System Programming
  • CMPS 235: Numerical Computing
  • CMPS 255: Graphical User Interface
  • CMPS 265: Introduction to Microprocessors
  • CMPS 280: Introduction to Internet Programming & Web Design
  • CMPS 290: Introduction to Database Management
  • CMPS 315: Advanced Programming in C++
  • CMPS 320: Introduction to Computer Security
  • CMPS 330: Computer Architecture
  • CMPS 340: Advanced Programming in Java
  • CMPS 360: Parallel Computing
  • CMPS 370: Database Management Systems
  • CMPS 400: Human-Computer Interaction
  • CMPS 420: Internet Programming and Web Design
  • CMPS 430: Compiler Construction
  • CMPS 440: Selected Topics in Computer Science
  • CMPS 455: Digital Media
  • CMPS 465: Scientific Visualization
  • CMPS 475: Advanced Computer Graphics
  • CMPS 485: Computer Aided Geometric Design

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Click here to download Study Plan for BS in Computer Science

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