Diploma in Social Work

The Diploma in Social work is a two-year, 60-credit hour program designed to offer basic but up-to-date theoretical knowledge with relevant skills and competencies in social work. The program focuses on pairing theoretical explanations with practical work in the form of realistic scenarios and research projects. In addition, the program follows a modern liberal arts approach by exposing the students to a sound knowledge of general sciences, the arts, study of the Omani culture, mastery of general computing skills, and efficient usage of Arabic and English languages.

The students who graduate with a Diploma may continue their education at a later stage and receive a Bachelor of Arts degree in social work, if they satisfy the requirements of admission to the B.A. in Social Work. All the credits that they have successfully completed in the Diploma program are transferable to the B.A. program in Social Work.


To graduate with a Diploma in Social Work, students must satisfactorily complete 60 credit hours of course work from the courses that are described in the Program of Study with an overall minimum average of 65 percent.


This component consists of the following 7 courses encompassing 21 credit hours

  • ARAB 101: Academic Writing in Arabic
  • CMPS 100A: Introduction to Technical Computing for the Arts
  • ENGL 101: Basic Academic English I
  • ENGL 102: Basic Academic English II
  • ENGL 203: Advanced Academic English I
  • MATH 103: Mathematics for Social Sciences I
  • SOCS 102: Oman Society

This component consists of the following two courses encompassing 6 credit hours:

  • One course in physical/ natural sciences (3 Cr. hrs.)
  • One course in humanities/social sciences: SOCS 100: World Civilizations I (3 Cr. hrs.)

This component consists of eleven courses constituting of 33 credit hours distributed as follows:

Major Required Courses

This component consists of the following 9 courses constituting 27 credit hours:

  • PSYC 150: Introduction to Psychology
  • SOCS 150: Introduction to Sociology
  • SOCS 220: Individuals, Families, and Groups
  • SOWO 200: Introduction to Social Work
  • SOWO 235: Communication and Interviewing Skills
  • SOWO 245: Human Behavior and the Social Environment
  • SOWO 255: Social Policy & Services I: An Introduction
  • SOWO 280: Social Work Practice I: Assessment, Planning, and Intervention
  • SOWO 290: Social Work: Field Internship I

Major Elective Courses

This component includes two courses encompassing 6 credit hours chosen form the following list:

  • PSYC 180: Human Development
  • PHIL 120: Introduction to Philosophy
  • PHIL 160: Critical and Creative Thinking

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